Editor on Kubuntu is a website which covers open source news and has long been KDE friendly, just not for example it’s leading the story of Plasma 5 being updated yesterday. Recently I got an e-mail from the editor:

From: Swapnil Bhartiya
To: Jonathan Riddell
Subject: Kubuntu Feedback

Hi Jonathan,

Just wanted to tell you that I have been using Kubuntu as my primary OS
for a while now and I am really impressed how stable and bug-free it has
become. Earlier random crashes was a normal thing for Kubuntu so I never
used it as main distros. Though I still triple boot with openSUSE and
Arch all running Plasma, I really started to love what you are doing
with Kubuntu.

Keep up the great work and let us know what else I should do to further
promote Plasma/KDE :-)

Swapnil Bhartiya

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