Plasma 5 in the News

Plasma 5 was released yesterday and the internet is ablaze with praise and delight at the results.

Slashdot just posted their story KDE Releases Plasma 5 and the first comment is “Thank our KDE developers for their hard work. I’m really impressed by KDE and have used it a lot over the years.“  You’re welcome Slashdot reader.

They point to themukt’s Details Review of Plasma 5 which rightly says “Don’t be fooled, a lot of work goes down there“.

The science fictional name reflects the futuristic technology which is already ahead of its time (companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Canonical are using ideas conceptualized or developed by the KDE community).

With the release of Plasma 5, the community has once again shown that free software code developed without any dictator or president or prime-minister or chancellor can be one of the best software code.

LWN has a short story on KDE Plasma 5.0 which is as usual the place to go for detailed comments including several from KDE developers.

ZDNet’s article KDE Plasma 5 Linux desktop arrives says “I found this new KDE Plasma 5 to be a good, solid desktop” and concludes “I expect most, if not all, KDE users to really enjoy this new release. Have fun!” And indeed we do have lots of fun.

And Techage gets nonenculture wrong in KDE 5 is Here: Introducing a Cleaner Frontend & An Overhauled Backend and says “On behalf of KDE fans everywhere, thank you, KDE dev team” aah, it’s nice to be thanked :)

Web UPD8 has a useful guide to setting it up which even covers removing it when you want to go back to the old stuff.  Give it a try!


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  • Rob Williams

    I’m the one who wrote the Techgage article; thanks for the plug! I did realize that I was getting the nomenclature wrong, but I admit I’m old-school in preferring the simple “KDE X”. I’ll work on it, I promise ;-)

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Joey-Elijah Sneddon

    Thanks for the plug… oh wait… you didn’t! ;)

    If anyone interested in reading what we over at OMG! Ubuntu! had to say, you know where you can find it. Our article was trending hot on Google+ for a while, and has had more than 2,000 likes. A lot of love out there for the release, so congrats!

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