Kubuntu 14.04 LTS Feedback

Kubuntu 14.04 LTS was released yesterday along with the all new KDE SC 4.13.  Browsing around the internet this morning the feedback feels really good.  Here’s some of my favourite quotes.

spiros spiros on Google+

Thank you for this great release :)

César J. Pinto on Google+

My God… I’m very surprise with kubuntu… it feels more fast than unity and gnome. wow…. I just…. i have no words to describe my happiness :D

@srikrishnaholla on Twitter

Downloading #kubuntu 14.04 LTS. Man, I’ve missed #kde !


@gholmer on Twitter

Get it while it’s hot! Newest Ubuntu with the king of desktop environments, KDE! #kubuntu http://www.kubuntu.org

@apachelogger on Twitter [OK he's not entirely neutral]

This is the best release so far! Such awesome, so #Kubuntu 14.04 LTS! http://goo.gl/jQFdZJ  #bestreleaseever

@jotakinhan on Twitter

Using #kubuntu again after using other distros for long time and its great!

@LowEndGeek on Twitter

Re-visiting #kde on #kubuntu 14.04 Working much better than regular #ubuntu

One of the first reviews was on Tux Arena:

“It is a beautiful release and it will definitely be here to stay for quite some time”

And in my inbox:

From: Robert Kovacs

Subject: Excellent Release Kubuntu 14.04

Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 00:15:33 -0400

Thanks for all the hard work!. Kudos to the Kubuntu team. Just installed     Kubuntu 14.04 and everything is working fine. Was using Kubuntu 12.04.3,    which was also a great release.

Bob Kovacs (USA)

  • lunarcloud

    You guys have made this release amazing out-of-the-box. Thank you :)

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  • Flexo

    Thanks it’s a very good distro. Upgraded from 13.10. I feel more speed opening directories and the android emulator start more faster. But there is some minor detail that is that the kernel image from kubuntu 13.10 was not deleted, the fonts sizes has not preserved the stored size, firefox maybe not working fine :P crashes on google io page and the text writing looks very buggy on disqus after pasting text. Anyways thanks for the hard work.

  • Mike

    Very nice release thank you, I installed it on parents in law laptop (Dell Inspiron 6400) today to replace a broken copy of XP. It installed without a hitch and looked amazing, they were very impressed and so was I, it looked and worked great and could everything they wanted. Well done!

  • manish

    I have problems downloading apps like chrome and VLC. They always show the dependency error. Even the muon discover is showing the apps installed and is not searching for other new apps. My Internet connection is good (that’s why I am posting this). What could be the problem?

    • Jonathan Riddell

      Try asking in one of our support methods such as the kubuntu-users mailing list http://www.kubuntu.org/community it might help to paste command line output of “sudo apt-get update” and “sudo apt-get install vlc”

  • Guest


    Why there is no Alternate CD for 14.04? Will there be in the future?

    • Jonathan Riddell

      We haven’t had alternate CDs for some years, the desktop image covers almost all the install cases

  • Patxi


    Why there is no Alternate CD for 14.04? Will there be in the future?

    I need that for LVM support. Desktop iso have not LVM support.


  • Grez Harvey

    Breathed new life into a 6 year old desktop computer. Looking good and working well. :)

  • Nick Shaforostoff

    i couldn’t install kubuntu on my netbook using usb-flash: in the last stage of install process it says apt-get cannot access the cdrom and the machine reboots after while.


    After the upgrade I’ve lost the audio output !
    The hardware configuration is correct but – with 14.04 – the audio don’t work at all.

    • BluesKaj

      I imagine you already been advised to do, sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel, in the cli to load the driver. After upgrades on 13.10 a persistent bug was discovered regarding the hda intel driver not loading at boot. The posted command should solve the problem and a reboot is usually required.


        Thank you VERY MUCH !
        Anyone advised me before ! ;-)


        Unfortunately, it doesn’t work !


    Help me please ! No sound !
    My ALSA information is located at http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=9fb68b073380ba8bb16213bef8843b2a6bf54557
    It seems ok but the audio card doesn’t work … the previous version was better !

    • Jonathan Riddell

      Best ask on a community forum for problems, make sure you try the obvious things first like volume and speaker power. http://www.kubuntu.org/community

  • kc1di

    Great distro , thanks for all the work :)

  • احمد فارس فاضيل

    Nice but I’ve lost my sound .. help me to solve

  • Masateru Kuwata

    Kubunt14.04 64bit kernel does not boot after the installation. It showed the following error message.
    “Kernel panic – not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel”.
    I confirmed that Kubuntu14.04 32bit kernel works fine. Lubuntu14.04 64bit kernel also works fine. It is likely that Kubuntu14.04 64bit boot loader has some problem?

    • Jonathan Riddell

      No immediate ideas I’m afraid, try asking on the kubuntu-users mailing list http://www.kubuntu.org/community mentioning how you put the image onto the USB disk

      • Masateru Kuwata

        I simply downloaded ISO image and burned it onto USB by using Unetbootin. All ISO images including Lubuntu14.04, Kubuntu14.04-32bit were also put by Unetbootin, and they worked fine.

  • احمد فارس فاضيل

    I see lots of ppl lost their sound too …

  • احمد فارس فاضيل

    My sound is ALC662 ..

  • muhittin

    kubuntu 13.10 da sorunsuz çalıştırdığım skanner tarama
    programını kubuntu 14.04 bir türlü çalıştıramıyorum aygıt bulunamadı
    yada error device i/o diye hata veriyor ne yaptımsa olmadı bu tarama
    işim gereği bana lazım o olmadan kubuntu kullanamıyorum yardımcı
    olursanız memnun olurum teşekkürler yazıcım samsung scx-3200

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  • Toni Gómez Uría

    I’m using kubuntu since 10.04 lts and in this 14.04 lts i found an
    excesive battery consume, it’s remarkable that i’ve just buy a new pc
    with a bigger processor and a nvidia gt 740M graphic card, however, I’ve windows 8.1 also in this pc, and using kubuntu the battery can last maximum 1h 30 min, with windows 8.1 may be 2h 30 min

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  • Πολύφημος Σπαζοκλαμπάνιας

    Is it really necessary to have THREE entirely different notification icons in the status area?

  • Nico Vertriest

    I find it incredibly poor and sloppy that an upgrade to Kubuntu 14 means that all sound does not work anymore.

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