KDE Visual Design Team’s Favourite Distro

After many years of the lovely Nuno working on artwork without much success in creating a community the all new KDE Visual Design Group has got something exiting going with people working on a new widget theme, new Plasma theme, new font, new wallpaper, new icons and new cursor theme.  Exciting.  Best of all in chatting with designer Jens today it turns out most of the designers use Kubuntu – the first choice for classy artists.

  • Ernesto Manríquez

    Three Kubuntu complaints (just tested 14.04 beta 1)

    - Installing Kubuntu on a BTRFS partition is impossible. My options are a) wipe the BTRFS partition and start again; b) forget about Kubuntu. The option to remove the “root” subvolume and install Kubuntu on a new “root” subvolume is not offered.
    - When I press the Off button, the system simply turns off. None of the System Settings | Energy options are recognized or respected.
    - When I right click on the Bluetooth icon on Kubuntu, the Bluetooth icon disappears and the only way to make it appear again is to run “hciconfig hci0 up”. When I do the same in Fedora, I get a disabled Bluetooth icon, and the option to right click again and enable Bluetooth from GUI.

    • MST

      Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) Beta 2:

      • Flexo

        wtf??? You have to reinstall to have the Beta 2? Can’t do “sudo apt-get upgrade” ?

  • Casper Clemence

    @Ernesto – not really the place for a random list of complaints :¬(

    • http://www.bluemintlinux.com/ TheBlueMint

      Especially when running an old beta…so it’s not even relevant…

      Jens cracks me up BTW!

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