Usage Stats for Kexi – K/Ubuntu coming #1 at 47%

Kexi is an open source visual database creator, and is distributed by default on Kubuntu. Kexi features an opt-in usage statistics collection program. The stats collected are information such as the KDE version, Linux distro, machine type, screen resolution, etc. K/Ubuntu has topped the chart, being the most used Linux distro used to launch Kexi – sitting at 47%. It’s not possible for Kexi to distinguish between Ubuntu users running KDE or Unity.

Distro statsFor other stats, take a look at the full post on It should be noted that these information are from people who have chose to opt in to usage statistics collection, so the actual stats may be different.

  • jstaniek

    Thanks for this post Danny. I have one note. Actually it’s not possible for Kexi’s feedback agent to distinguish between whether a vanilla Ubuntu’s Unity desktop environment is running when Kexi is used or the Kubuntu’s KDE Plasma Desktop (or Lubuntu, Xubuntu etc). It would make sense to add this feature later. Currently version of the KDE Libs/Frameworks (as a dependency of any KDE app such as Kexi) is reported as the “KDE version”.

    So it’s not known how many of the *Ubuntu installations actually run KDE. I know users that run Kexi with Unity, and this is of course OK too as Kexi is highly portable.

    • Danny Snowman

      Thanks for the clarification, I’ve updated the article!