Kubuntu on LinkedIn 1

We can sit in our own nerdy world in open source communities too much so at Kubuntu we have been setting up social media forums and we have just added a LinkedIn page for Kubuntu which should get the usual news stories of new releases and updates.  There is also a Kubuntu Users group on ...

themukt.com Editor on Kubuntu 3

themukt.com is a website which covers open source news and has long been KDE friendly, just not for example it’s leading the story of Plasma 5 being updated yesterday. Recently I got an e-mail from the editor: From: Swapnil Bhartiya To: Jonathan Riddell Subject: Kubuntu Feedback Hi Jonathan, Just wanted to tell you that I ...

Rohan on ubuntuonair.com 3

Kubuntu Ninja Rohan was on today’s ubuntuonair talking about Plasma 5 and what is happening in Kubuntu.  Watch it now to hear the news.  

Plasma 5 in the News 8

Plasma 5 was released yesterday and the internet is ablaze with praise and delight at the results. Slashdot just posted their story KDE Releases Plasma 5 and the first comment is “Thank our KDE developers for their hard work. I’m really impressed by KDE and have used it a lot over the years.“  You’re welcome ...

Refurbished HP Laptops with Kubuntu 2

It’s always nice to come across Kubuntu being used in the wild.  Recently I was pointed to a refurbished laptop shop in Ireland who are selling HP laptops running Kubuntu 14.04LTS.  €140 for a laptop? You’d pay as much for just the Windows licence in most other shops.