Netrunner 15 ‘Prometheus’ is here — the best KDE-based Linux distro gets better

Beta News reviews Kubuntu derivative Netrunner.  This release of Netrunner comes with the Kubuntu packages for Plasma 5 making this a sort of preview for Kubuntu 15.04 and the review continues the trend of good words for the new KDE desktop.  Netrunner likes to make plenty of customisations compared to Kubuntu’s very default KDE setup and the reviewer is impressed.

I urge you to give this a go. You will be shocked at the beauty and polish; clearly the the Netrunner team cares about its releases


Kubuntu Interviews

A couple of interviews have been published today with Kubuntu developer Jonathan Riddell.

The Linux Setup – Jonathan Riddell, Kubuntu Developer looks at his computer setup.

Jonathan has a lot of nice things to say about KDE, Ubuntu, and open source software. I challenge you to not be charmed by his optimism. He’s also the least fiddle-y KDE user I’ve ever interviewed.

And there’s an interview on Hacker Public Radio with several people at FOSDEM.  Jonathan talks about KDE and Kubuntu and what has changed since last year.