Swapnil Bhartiya Finds a Totally Different Kubuntu


Swapnil Bhartiya writes:

Kubuntu 15.04, aka Vivid Vervet, was released last week. With this release it has become the first major distro to ship Plasma 5 as the default desktop environment.


Fast forward to 2014 and Kubuntu turned out to be a totally different OS. I have been running it on one of my production systems since 14.04. It’s extremely stable, polished and offers a great experience.


Kubuntu features one of the best notification systems in the Linux world.


Kubuntu 15.04 is undoubtedly the best Plasma 5 desktop so far, for the simple fact that this is the first distro to ship with it. Since Kubuntu offers a vanilla Plasma experience, you can enjoy what KDE developers originally developed without it being heavily patched or modified. Well, modification can be good in some cases where a particular may not gel very well with the distro.


In a nutshell, I found Kubuntu 15.04 to move consistently on the path of improvement, getting better with each release. If you are hesitant about Kubuntu due to a previous release, let me tell you that a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since. It’s a totally different Kubuntu.


Try it out and you will be surprised with what you have been missing until now.

And that is even before Plasma 5.3